Delivering Sign Language and Captions To Deaf and Hard of Hearing Viewers

What is Wika?

We transform the movie theater and television experience for the Deaf or hard-of-hearing by delivering sign language video or subtitles, synchronized in real time to the content being watched. This can be delivered either via a glasses-mounted display (for use in the cinema) or on the screen of your smartphone.

How does it work?

Wika works in partnership with media and entertainment companies, movie and TV studios, and other content creators to deliver sign language videos and subtitle tracks to your device. This ensures that the captions/subtitles and sign language videos being delivered to the viewer are correct and officially approved, since they have been created by the actual content owners.

The benefits of Wika

Many nations are planning or have implemented accessibility laws that require the use of captions or sign language insets in broadcast media. We provide a delivery method that can be readily deployed to viewers using only their smartphone or tablet.

By working hand in hand with media companies and content creators, Wika hopes to make movies, TV shows and music videos more accessible to the Deaf and help create a more open and inclusive world for all.

Enabling Sign Language Interpretation for Cinema and Personal Viewing